At Nethercott Manor there are a number of grass gallops set amongst the 220 acres which vary in gradient and ground conditions, along with the 4.5 furlong woodchip. Both yards at Nethercott and Big Brook have access to all the facilities, ensuring that all the horses can be trained using a variety of methods to suit the individual and achieve our goals.

Flat Circular

This is very good for settling a young horse, teaching continuous stamina and to breathe correctly within its stride.

Steep 5 Furlong

This is very good for slower work to build up and settle a horse, whilst keeping the weight off their front legs.

Fast Work

I believe in producing all fast work on grass as the surface is more constant, thus tending to result in less injuries. This gallop is slightly flatter to lengthen the horses' stride.


Our 4.5 furlong woodchip gallop is particularly useful during extremes of weather.

Other Areas

We use many fields as they have varying gradients, which all help the balance and preparation before going to the race course. The farm can also provide relaxing hacks for the horses to enjoy on their easy days and keep them fresh, without having to worry about dealing with any traffic.


Indoor School

This is a vital addition to the training system and has proved very useful when backing young horses and coaching staff. Most of the horses do some flatwork and loose schooling on a weekly basis and this has proved an ideal environment. This facility has also proved particularly useful during extremes of weather when it may be too icy/snowy to risk the horses outside. This has meant we are still able to canter on a daily basis and maintain fitness levels.  


There are many obstacles and avenues through the trees so it is a great place for teaching young horses and cheering up older ones. This ensures they are working and learning without necessarily realising it.


There are many jumps around the farm to use as and when we feel appropriate, ensuring that all horses relax and enjoy their jumping, without seeing it as a big event. Regular jump work is a key part of the training as it allows us to build up all the correct muscles to make a good chaser.


There are two walkers available which most horses use on a daily basis as an addition, not a substitute to ridden work.


There is extensive turnout available to horses ensuring they have variety and are healthier both mentally and physically.  

Water Pit/ Streams

We have a water pit to stand horses in, with running water to take the temperature of the legs down, aiming to reduce the potential/severity of any injury. At Nethercott Manor there is a fresh water stream which horses wash off, stand and play in.

Water Treadmill.

 This is excellent for doing controlled exercise in water, with the buoyancy taking weight off of the limbs. This is proving useful for horses that suffer from leg problems & is excellent for cooling legs and joints after races **

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